About Us

Apollo Pharmacy is a mid-sized family pharmacy approved by Food & Drug Administration (FDA). We provide pre-clinical and post-clinical services to our patients. We offer medication and effective compounding services with a personal touch. We use FDA approved drugs and latest know-how to address health issues.

As a pharmacy, we offer medication and medical assistance for all ages like children, young, and aged. We offer personal consultation to our patients and guide them in drug usage. We also provide dietary supplements and healthcare tips to our patients.


Patients: We believe that all our patients are special. So we work with them to not only cure their existing medical condition but also improve their overall health. And we do all this with personal attention to our patients’ individual requirements.

Practitioner: We work as an extension of our practitioners’ office. Our doctors can trust us in compounding customized medications for their patients and guiding them in usage. Our representatives offer hands-on support and patient care.


  • Provide medical services of highest quality.
  • Offer patient care and medication with personal touch.
  • Improve health conditions of our patients.
  • Update practitioners and patients on latest advancements.