Privacy Policy

All the terms mentioned in Apollo Pharmacy privacy policy are sourced from US Department of Health and Human Services. You can visit for reference. Our privacy policy and procedure also takes HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) into account.

Privacy policy of Apollo Pharmacy assures patients about protection of their personal and medical information. We do not disclose details of our patients without their permission. We do not sell, exchange, or solicit patient information for monetary and/or non-monetary gains. We strictly comply with state and federal laws pertaining to non-disclosure of patient information. Our confidentiality contract expressly mentions cases/situations in which we may disclose patient information without prior permission.

In order to deliver best care and service, we collect and store information about patient, his family members, his physician, and other details included under “Protected Health Information”. This data is used under following circumstances:

To Notify We use medical information to suggest another treatment for your better health or to notify you about any flu shots or diseases.
To Insurer Insurer may require health details to pay insurance amount to you or Apollo Pharmacy for your consumed medical services and treatments.
To Guide To provide guidance for better services, treatments, and medication with effective nursing for quick health recovery.
To Improve Service Level To train our staff and improve our service level according to disease gravity.

Rights Offered by Apollo Pharmacy to Patients

  • Our patients can restrict information disclosure to particular family member. Patients can also end these restrictions at any time they want.
  • If a patient is not able to communicate with Apollo Pharmacy he can appoint a representative to communicate on his behalf. We shall communicate with this representative for any query.
  • Patients can ask for a copy of protected health information and inspect it. They can also request to change this information.
  • Under federal regulations patients can receive an account of disclosures made of their health information. These regulations permit us to use patient’s protected information only for treatment, payments, operations, and other genuine purposes.

Written Authorization

Apart from above cited reasons we can reveal health information on receipt of written authorization from patient to do so.

Disclosure for Federal Regulations

Under federal regulations, Apollo Pharmacy can reveal personal as well as health information of patient without his permission for:

  • Public health authorities
  • Judicial and administrative proceedings
  • In response to subpoena or discovery request
  • Government representatives concerned about abuse, neglect, and domestic violence as permitted by law
  • Law enforcement reasons
  • For organ and tissue donation purposes
  • To avert serious threat to health or safety of patient
  • Purpose of worker’s compensation
  • Research purposes as approved by Privacy Board
  • Special government functions such as national security
  • Local or national health oversight organization that conduct audit or investigations

Changes in Privacy Policy

Apollo Pharmacy reserves the right to change terms of privacy policy or make modifications in privacy policy practices.

For any questions regarding privacy policy you can contact Apollo Pharmacy.