At Apollo Pharmacy we do not just provide medicated drugs and compounds. We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. For this we offer healthcare consulting services to our customers.

Our professional pharmacist can identify, resolve, and prevent your medical problems. We adopt a personalized approach wherein our pharmacist sits down with you to discuss your health. We focus the discussion on:

  • Your Age
  • Current Medications
  • Overall Medical History
  • Health Status
  • Prescribed Supplements

Based on this information we determine the best therapy for you. We guide you in what to do and what not to do to prevent unhealthy situations. We also share tips on how to achieve disease-free living.

We conduct these sessions in private settings with no interruptions. We also make sure that all collected information is kept confidential and is not traded with any third party for any purpose.

Contact Us today to book your private health consultation at Apollo Pharmacy.