Durable Medical Supplies

At Apollo Pharmacy we know that the medical needs of our customers often go beyond medicated drugs and compounds. So in addition to pharmaceutical products we also supply various essential durable medical equipment and surgical products.

We offer a wide range of home health supplies and medical equipment to improve the quality of living of our customers. We also ship the required equipment to your doorstep on request.

Our durable medical supplies include but are not limited to:


We offer a wide range of manual and power wheelchairs. Our pharmacist will guide you in selecting the one that is best for you.

Blood Glucose Meters

Stay on top of your diabetes monitoring with our blood glucose meters. We can supply digital meters with strip ejection mechanism, freestyle blood testing meters with diabetic test strips, etc.

Diabetic Socks

We supply seamless or hand knit socks so that they do not restrict flow of blood to the patients’ feet. We supply diabetic quarter socks for men and women in all sizes.

Blood Pressure Monitors

We offer best in class blood pressure tracking and reading equipment. We carry an entire range of blood pressure monitoring items like:

  • Digital Blood Pressure Kits
  • Multicuffs
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • Gauges & Accessories

Crutches / Canes / Walkers

We supply walking aid equipment to patients who have chronic pain issues with their hip, knee, ankle, and leg.

Single Point Cane: For patients who need little support for pain-free and comfortable walking.

Quad Cane: For patients who need more stability during walking but not a walker.

Walker: For patients with less upper body strength and balance issues. We supply simple and roller based walkers.

Knee Walker: For patients who need to get around without placing weight on their leg.

Crutches: For patients who have good upper body strength but can’t place weight on their leg.

Surgical Supplies

We also carry a wide range of surgical supplies that you can order from us.

Contact Us for doorstep delivery request.