For a medical practitioner it is very important that in addition to correct diagnosis and prescription, his patient is referred to correct pharmacy. A good pharmacy should:

  • Offer different kind of services
  • Serve patients with personalized approach
  • Guide and counsel patients
  • Be comfortably priced

Apollo Pharmacy does all this and more. We can help you win the trust of your patients and serve them in best possible way.

Connect Practitioners & Patients

Apollo Pharmacy bridges the gap between healthcare practitioners and patients. We work in close quarters with practitioners and help them treat their patients in most effective way. Our staff offers personal consultations and hands-on care to patients. We also work as communication channel between practitioners and patients.

Customized Medication

We specialize in compounding custom medications. So our practitioners can rely on our expertise and prescribe custom medications to patients. You can use our pharmacy services as an extension of your practice and treat the patients in best way. You can prescribe tailor-made medicines for your patients.

One-Stop-Shop Pharmacy

We offer clinical services, compounding, nutritional guidance, medical consultation, disease management, etc. We have an experienced staff with updated skills and knowhow for offering these services. We conduct consultations in private settings without interruptions. Our trained professional team can recommend alternate therapies and dietary supplements as well.

Confidential Information

We understand how important it is for medical practitioners to maintain the confidentiality of their patient information. We take this fiduciary relationship one step ahead by maintaining the confidentiality at our end as well. We do not share your patient information with third parties.

Knowledge Sharing

At Apollo Pharmacy we regularly attend global events and seminars. We take the onus of sharing the knowledge gained from these events with our medical practitioners. We pass on the learnings gained from seminars and latest development updates to our practitioners.
Give us a chance to associate with you and serve your patients. Contact Us today. We look forward to working with you.