Apollo Pharmacy is dedicated to the art and science of compounding medication. We offer compounding services to address patient’s unique medication requirements. We work with patients and physicians to solve any issues related to medication through compounding.
Compounding is a process of mixing various medical ingredients and creating personalized medicines that meet a patient’s unique needs. Our qualified pharmacist provides effective compounding that helps in quick health recovery of the patient.
We perform compounding under following circumstances:

  • To change the form of medication (for eg: from tablet to liquid).
  • To remove non-essential allergic ingredients to avoid side effects.
  • To obtain optimum dosage of essential drugs.
  • To prepare special formulations.
  • To remove preservatives or sugar from medications.
  • To add flavor to medication.

We provide high quality, cost effective and customized compounded drugs based on physician’s prescription.

Compounding Services

Topical Medications Creams Ointments
Transdermal Gels Lotions
Oral Medications Solutions Suspensions
Flavored Formulations  

Why Apollo Pharmacy for Compounding


At Apollo Pharmacy, we believe in developing long-term customer relationships. So our pharmacists put their sincere efforts in solving critical medical issues of patients. We create tailored medication to meet individual needs of each patient. We also conduct consultation session with patients who have been prescribed compounded medication.

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